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“Education For All “ and we believe that we assist teacher to progressively accept more responsibility for self – discipline, to develop self – respect, to the community, to develop a love of learning and to strive for excellence. We have a comprehensive , co-education teacher training college. Our chairman, Sri.B.M .Devarajappa’s Vision is ” Excellence in Education” and all-round development of the child. We are working hard to fulfill our Sir’s Vision which has encouraged and inspired each one of us to give total dedication.

Teachers need to be prepared to care for children, enjoy to be with them , seek knowledge, own responsibility towards society and work, to build a better world, develop sensitivity to the problems of the learners, commitment to justice and zeal for social reconstruction.

Teacher need to be trained in organizing learner – centered, activity based, participatory learning experiences, play , discussion, micro teaching, communication skill, dialogue, teaching practice and observation.

Teachers promote peace, democratic way of life, constitutional values of equality, justice, liberty, fraternity and secularism and caring values among children.